Unigloves Medical Razors - Box of 100


105,00 kr

Unigloves Medical Razors - Box of 100

  • Medical grade razor
  • Guardless design provides effortless hair removal, even without soap
  • Efficient hair removal without clogging the blade itself - a serious consideration when removing wads of arm or body hair 
  • reduced incidence of razor rash/ irritation as only the blade is working the skin 
  • perfectly suited to the hirsute... the best practical option for a tattoo artist by a long way  

Why do i use them? 


"I used Bic and supermarket 'own brand' razors for a years. Frequently they would squeak, clog with matted hair and soap - the skin would become irritated fast & rash up. What a pain in the arse!  I want the skin clear of hair and ready to stencil fast and with these guardless razors, its a breeze. A light, steady touch is recommended and stretching the skin a little to ease the passage of the blade. I recommend trying it on self first, you will be amazed how well it works!"

100 in a box, no more bags full of 5 packs at the supermarket in the middle of the day. Simple small things like this make a big difference over time. 

This is the face of practicality!


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