Silverback Ink Insta10Shade Greywash Series 1-10 10*30ml Greywash-Complete Set of 10

Silverback Ink

620,00 kr

The Complete set of 10 Silverback Insta10Shade Grey Wash Series. All of the shades have been created from the Instablack and the greywash set.

Insta10Shade is the latest addition to the Grey Wash Series from Silverback Ink. Each number of Insta10Shade is precisely blended to produce a distinct and consistent shade of Grey Wash - Insta 1 being the lightest and Insta 10 being the darkest (one shade lighter than Insta Black).

Take the guesswork out of mixing and experience closer shades thanks to the Insta10Shade series' concentrated formula.

So, what is the difference between the Insta10Shade series compared to "The Original" and the "DARK" series?

Here is a list below of the different shades featured in the Insta10Series:

  • Insta1-Insta4 is in line with "The Original" Series (XXX1-XXX4)
  • Insta5-Insta7 compares to the "DARK" series (DARK 6, DARK 66, DARK 666)
  • Insta8-10... Darker than any wash they have offered before!!

Insta10Shade is processed in a sterile facility and is tested & certified for the EU (EU Resolution ResAP(2008)1). Which means that they have designed a kick ass grey wash specifically for tattooing.

100% Made in the USA and Vegan Friendly!

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