Cheyenne HAWK spirit drive Silver


2.165,00 kr

HAWK spirit. The innovating update-model of the classic.

For highest demands and fantastic results. 

In the heart and soul HAWK spirit. 


The HAWK spirit tattooing machine, Cheyenne got the best out of the HAWK machine and mastered technical challenges effectively. The result: A true masterpiece. Tough, powerful and sensitive at the same time. 

Attentive developers and engineers keep the HAWK spirit machine constantly under observation and improve it continuously when there is a need to improve – not only when starting a new serial production but also whenever there is a need for improvement. This way Cheyenne is able to react quickly to possible defects and to fix them. We call this „continuous improvement process“ – thanks  to our clever engineers, eager production employers and last but least to you as our Cheyenne tattoo artist. Your feedback helps us to improve even more every day.


What´s new about the HAWK spirit? 


The number of needle cartridges has been increased to more than 29 which makes everything possible for users of HAWK spirit. With a single movement the appropriate cartridge is available for every line, every area and even the most unconventional design. Ultra simple replacement, always at hand. 

Furthermore Cheyenne has produced a color edition for the first time. Hand pieces in different colors for every taste and for all occasions.

Extraordinary facts:  

  • Less noise and vibration 
  • Highly sensitive reaction times
  • Precise and clean punctures
  • Needle cartridges in even more configurations
  • Easy adjustable needle depth with a twist of the hand piece
  • Perfect power supply with the Power Unit II
  • Certified by TÜV SÜD according to the quality systems DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2007 

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