Flite Nano Elite BACK IN STOCK!


5.250,00 kr



The first wave of these sold out in a flash, instore! 

Thanks Nick, Kev, Tomas, Marius and Sean! We have a limited number back in stock and they are going fast, so get them while they are hot! 


The Flite Nano "Elite" is Ink-Jecta's BRAND NEW Flagship Machine, with all its new features 


The frame is a billet aerospace aluminium construction and comes with LED light activation and with removable and 

interchangeable crank cover and side bumpers. 


It's non-polarity sensitive - an enormous bonus as it allows the Nano to run off almost any (working!) power unit, no start-up delay kick & runs with a massive increased voltage range of - 4.5 to a whopping 20 V. Talk about TORQUE!


There are several awesome new patented features 

and it's compatible with all of the Flite V2.1 parts! 


New Features:


- Cheyenne Grip Compatible (not included). 

- Billet Alloy Construction

  • Massive Voltage Range 4.5V-20V

- No start up Delay

- Non Polarity sensitive

- Removable/Interchangeable crank cover

  • Removable/Interchangeable side bumpers

- Led Light Activation

- Chrome 3.25 crank

- Patented Black semi Rigid Drive

- Patented Hard Torsion Drive

- Patented Medium Torsion Drive

- Patented Soft Torsion Drive

- MX6 Lubricant (food grade)

  • Custom storage pack
  • Made in AUSTRALIA -not SE Asia, not China or Eastern Europe. AUSTRALIA- Get it! 

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