Cheyenne Liner Needle Cartridge


170,00 kr

Cheyenne cartridge system

  • sterilized and hygienic, only single-use disposable material
  • tip made from medical plastic
  • avalaible in 33 multiple configurations
  • rapid change of needle configurations during the running work process
  • no more difficult attaching to  and detaching from different machines



Fake cartridges leak, are unsterile and grubbily packaged. Such cartidges are extremely dangerous, as they can spread contagious diseases! Also, due to the missing membrane they quickly destroy your machine.

The Original Cheyenne cartridges completely seal the ink feed, so your control unit and machine stay untouched.

All warranties for Original Cheyenne equipment expire!

Thus we strongly advise you not to use the cheap and unsterile copies of our cartridges with theOriginal Cheyenne machines.

All Cheyenne units are subject to maximum security checks and are constantly tested for hygiene, sterility, functionality and quality.

Cheyenne cartridges are of high quality, and they allow you to focus on what you do the best - Create body art!

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