Who is the Kakerlakken?


Av en tatovør for tatovører!

Kakerlakken Tattoo Supply: FACTS

My name is Max MacAndrews aka Huw Max MacAndreis. I'm a working tattooist of some 18 years in the trade. I know this job VERY well having established 4 successful tattoo studios, ALL are still in existence:

119 Tattoo (Scotland, now 15 years old), Old Town Tattoo (Scotland 2005) Love Gun Tattoo (France 2009) and Underdawg Tattoo (Norway 2010)

I set up Kakerlakken because I was tired of dealing with supply firms here & abroad who are run by folk who don't tattoo for a living! This trade is full of parasites who don't even tattoo and yet, we give them our money. They don't care who they sell to or what they sell.

Career History:

I began tattooing in the Nineties as a result of exposure to army tattoos, which I always felt I could do better. I had no idea how hard tattooing was and sought advice from Dave Banfield of Tattoo House Dewsbury UK and Tony Orson of SkinTone Bournemouth UK who offered me an apprenticeship. Later I sought the advice of Needles RIP of Galashiels/Tranent fame and Sabado of Japan who I consider as a mentor.

Sometime around 2007 I established Keystone Tattoo Supply in the UK which I had to abandon following a massive car accident in 2010 which broke my back. Keystone famously introduced much of the rotary technology to Europe with brands like Neuma, Stigma etc. I worked closely with folk like Bez TripleSix and MikeDevries at that time, trying to develop better products. With Keystone, I sponsored and helped set up Tattoo Jam convention in UK (2008 and 2009) and also provided logistical and technical support for the awesome show of talent that was the Tattoo Gathering in Mass. USA, sponsored the Manchester International Tattoo Convention, was a judge at the Brighton Tattoo Convention. I've written articles for Total Tattoo, Tattoo Master and Tattoo Life for the final New York International Tattoo Convention held in March of 2014 at the Roseland Ballroom, NYC.

Having recovered a bit physically and financially, I've found better products which I sell through KAKERLAKKEN. I hate nothing more than equipment that fails under pressure!

I only use stuff that I KNOW is well made and practical. 
QED. I ONLY sell what I use!

The mandate for my business is simple:

Kakerlakken Tattoo Supply is striving to supply quality tattoo tools & product at a fair price, in Norway.
I only sell stuff that I have road tested and used myself. I am constantly updating my stock to include superior products.

Happy Hunting!