Cheyenne Power Unit II


2.200,00 kr

Small, light and digital. 

The flexible control units for all Cheyenne HAWK machines.

The frequency of strokes can be regulated easily during the working process. Between 60 to 160 strokes per second anything is possible.

Are you going anywhere? The Cheyennes Power Units will not interfere. With their extra light weight they can be stowed anywhere very easily. The front parts are equipped with only a touch screen – no controls or sliding parts. This makes a fast and hygienic cleaning possible. 

Facts about the PU I and II

  • digital
  • Puncture frequency: between 60 and 160
  • fast and simple adjustment of the stroke frequency
  • small and lightweight
  • ideal for all HAWK machines by Cheyenne
  • easy cleaning of the hygienic surfaces
  • PU II: plug in of up to two machines at the same time

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