Cheyenne HAWK thunder drive Black


2.722,00 kr

Cheyennes all-rounder. And when we say all we mean ALL!


What´s new about the thunder?

It‘s all about power. All tattooing styles and concepts are now possible without the slightest loss of quality. 

Lining, Shading and Coloring on highest level with just one machine!

Extra needle cartridges - a total of 37 - for unlimited possibilities. Stroke has been dramatically increased up to 4mm. The increased stroke in conjunction with the rotational speed of the new drive and the optimized eccentric tappet provides very high speed- and acceleration-values​​. 

The power reserves of the engine are now used much more effectively. This cannot be only felt evidently, you can hear it, too! 



What stays the same?

Distinctive, ergonomic design. Versatile selection of needle cartridges for all concepts and styles. Technical Precision Made in Germany. 

Just Cheyenne.


all amazing facts at a glance:

  • Stroke (mm): 4
  • Needle Amplitude (mm): 4.5
  • Weight (g): 77.5
  • Nominal Voltage: 5-12V
  • Frequency: 70-170 punctures per second

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